Cheese or Font?

SOS American Cheese?? or  Fdtdfont09??  —

(the latter being just another brilliant alphabet from Font Diner, itself a joy to browse)

is the most ridiculous, addictive—I dare say addiculous!—game ever.

Time wasting, I submit to you, is the acme of postpostmodern human achievement.

Never are we so gloriously creative, so downright ingenious, as when we’re futzing.

If CoF? isn’t enough to convince you, then Steve, Don’t Eat It! might be. Or Cake Wrecks, or Awkward Family Photos, or any of those other post-sliced-bread cyberinventions, food-related & not, that no longer need a linked introduction.

Or this, which might in fact need an intro. I read it 5 or 6 years ago & I’m still laughing. Learn all about it here & earn some time-wasting bonus points in the process!



UPDATE:  Less than an hour after posting this, I get word that Cheese or Font? has inspired a copycat: Steakhouse or Gay Bar? Think Tenderloin Room, Velvet Hammer, Pink Pony, etc. Better yet, don’t think. It’s more fun that way.