Much hootin’ & hollerin’ attended the summertime launch of Vosges‘ deep milk chocolate bar studded with applewood-smoked bacon bits and smoked salt.


Some asked, Why? Others, Why not? And still others, why not combine candy and breakfast meats every waking minute? I say, where’s my sausage taffy? Bring on the lox jellybeans!

Mo’s Bacon Bar is really not so outrageous, of course; from prosciutto-wrapped dates to chicken & waffles, sweet & savory combinations come naturally to our tastebuds. It’s simply the quality of the ingredients that make this particular combo rock (to illustrate, check out just one of the real-pork chunks to be found in a mere square. It isn’t blurry in real life. This is hi-def animal product).

Now watch Hershey’s and Hormel go co-host their own silver-foiled suckfest.