While back home for the Okie Noodling Tournament, I found this in my mom’s pantry.

Yellow Jack
What I also found, upon tasting it, was that the Director & I wanted to put it on just about everything.

Part of the Rocking L-H Asparagus Farm’s line of Ben Jack Larado’s Gourmet Foods, which also includes barbecue sauces, meat rubs, dips, candied jalapeños, pickled asparagus & garlic, 8 other mustards & more (all available online), Rich & Robust Yellow Jack is Dijonesque, but with a sharper kick. (After all, even good old Grey Poupon contains fruit pectin & sugar, which I assume neutralize the vinegar & spices somewhat.)

I say get you some right quick; it’d be the bomb with grilled brats et al.