The menu description doesn’t do it justice: “salt-baked onion, wild mushrooms, Camembert, semolina spaetzle.” The below photo, even if you click to enlarge, certainly doesn’t do it justice. The only thing that does this dish justice is firsthand experience.

I hadn’t been to Table 6 since the departure of Scott Parker, now ensconced at Session Kitchen—but now that I’ve seen what former sous chef & current top toque Carrie Shores can do, I won’t let so much time elapse between visits. The spaetzle stood on its own—toasty yet velvety little gems mixed with meaty mushroom caps & hearty greens. But the soft, sweet onion is the unlikely centerpiece: when you cut into it, Camembert fondue studded with yet more mushrooms literally spurts out. An over-the-top embarrassment of earthy autumn riches. (Those eggplant fries & onion rings with chèvre-enriched aioli were nothing to sneeze at either, by the way.)