So, looks like I’ll be doing some restaurant reviews here & there for Boulder Weekly; you can check out my debut here, wherein I give Pupusas Sabor Hispano a thorough going over. This is just a sampling of the results:

Behold the wacky pacaya, & behind it a fireball disguised as a dip 

Empanadas, dissected, including chicharrón & fiddlehead fern with cheese

Angela’s Plate, featuring a green-bean relleno

While you’re waiting, no doubt breathlessly, for my next installment, a couple of major events down here in Denver next week can tide you over:

A Taste of Iceland at Coohills & 3 Kings. You’ll find details about this series of Nordic isle-inspired prix-fixe dinners, cocktail classes & concerts here; for a full menu, go here. The dessert alone sounds reservation-worthy.

Harvest Week. Yeah, it’s decorative gourd season, motherfuckers! As usual, among Eat Denver’s lineup of blowout bashes will surely be some for the record books.