You may have heard that The Inventing Room’s Ian Kleinman’s been doing a doughnut & coffee shop pop-up this week at Bittersweet; tomorrow morning from 6-11am is your last chance to get in on the goods—& you damn well should, because they are so very good.

The selection of 10 flavors is posted on his catering company’s homepage; I tried 3, including the Tropical with mango buttercream, coconut mousse, brown sugar-braised pineapple & pomegranate bubbles,

the bananas Foster-inspired Banana-rama (below right), & the Carrot Cake (left) with cream cheese, candied carrots, rum raisins & crumbled walnut paper (fascinating).

If all doughnuts were as artful as these were—not just for their innovative & luscious fillings but for the pastry itself, its interior so tender it practically melted into the custard it was slathered with—the world would be a much better, albeit more somnolent, place.

A tablemate got the Oink (below top)—maple pastry cream, salted chocolate, spicy bacon & bacon-Nutella powder—& the PB&J (bottom) with burnt peanut-butter cream & grape caviar; behold:

I have just 2 suggestions for Kleinman: 1) how about some savory options, like a burrito-style doughnut with eggs, queso & green chile—or a Southern version with sausage gravy or ham & red-eye gravy! 2) how about opening a brick & mortar already? Your converts are waiting.