Damn. For someone who’s always bitching about everybody else’s pork fetish, this here’s a pretty piggy, veggieless roundup. What can I say? These are the dishes that lingered in my memory long after the last bite.

You’ll notice, too, that most of them are relatively simple affairs—things you could practically eat every day. (The links will take you to the posts in which they originally featured.) That wasn’t by design either; I’m a natural-born novelty freak. But perhaps this list, in its comforts, is all the more useful. After the 2012 we all had, we need them.

Foie longjohns at The Squeaky Bean (with renewed apologies for the cruddy photo)

Panzano’s smoked Berkshire pork chop with pumpkin gnocchi, gorgonzola fonduta & cranberry-rosemary marmalade (Actually, this has yet to link to a post, because I had it for the 1st time just last night. But wow, what a winner. Epitomizing chef Elise Wiggins’ lusty style, the meat put a hell of a lot of barbecue to shame, holding court with both the bracing sweetness of the preserves & the saltiness of the cheese sauce—& the gnocchi were just perfect, as if made by someone with air for hands.)

Amala with fish stew at Palace Nigerian & American Cuisine

Bramble & Hare’s Mulefoot rib with pork-skin noodles

Phat Thai’s whole fried tilapia

Pork & beans at Central Bistro & Bar

Sesame-seed paste at Ace Eat Serve (condiments being, after all, the most important food group)

Doughnuts at Tom’s Urban 24 (this comes as a surprise even to me, but so be it—they’re just that swell)

Stuffed buns from Paris Baguette

Mateo’s signature burger, an exemplar of the genre—one I crave more often than I’ve ever craved any burger