You may recall how, in the fall of 2011, I posted at the pace of an escargot while working on the Food Lovers’ Guide to Denver & Boulder, which Globe Pequot released this summer.

And you may have noticed that this fall, I’ve been similarly mum.

That’s because I was slammed with a second GP project, this one titled Denver & Boulder Chef’s Table. The next-summer release will burst at the seams with recipes from over 50 local restaurants, not to mention sizzling photographs from gentleman-chef Christopher Cina.

Look for it, buy it, love it up.

In the meantime, I’ve been doing some soul searching about this here opus. Having made my name as a food writer in Boston over the course of 6 years, I moved to Denver in August 2007 & started blogging in early 2008 as a way to immerse myself in the scene and promote my work at the same time. Though it took a while, I guess I’ve succeeded, with my share of freelance gigs, a full-time job that I love at Sommelier Journal, & 2 book titles under my (now much bigger) belt.

Writing about restaurants will always be my passion. But is this the best outlet, the best format? Of what use are my reviews to readers—those that are left following my absence? Given that I rarely do recipes & that Cafe Society’s got all the news coverage anyone could ask for, are there other things you’d like to see here?

While you & I ponder, I’ll get back to publishing the sorts of posts I’ve been dishing up for 4 years now, but I dunno. Could be time to hang it up or shake it up…