From Nov. 9-17, Boulder’s answer to Restaurant Week showcases the goods of participating area restaurants in a $26, 3-course prix-fixe format; not all the menus are live just yet, but having just scrolled through those that are, I can tell you where my head’s at:

Arugula’s gone above & beyond—looks like they’ve listed their entire menu, including octopus carpaccio, handmade spinach lasagna & pecan-crusted catfish in vanilla beurre blanc. Not a clunker in the bunch.

At Pizzeria Basta, an appetizer combining burrata & pork belly with leeks & flatbread & an entree of 36-hour short rib with smoked potatoes work for me.

Bramble & Hare is serving up head-cheese terrine with apple butter & a stout-infused chicken pot pie with an oatmeal-&-cracklins’ biscuit, be still my gut, as well as the mulefoot pork I lost my mind over a while back.

Pumpkin fritters with aioli at Cafe Aion. Come on!

The menu from The Kitchen [Upstairs] sounds even better than the one being offered in the dining room, what with celery-root custard in brown butter & cavatelli with golden raisins & sauerkraut.

Mateo, however, may have just clinched the deal: Mushroom bisque with blue cheese; pumpkin gnocchi with cranberries, hazelnuts, mushrooms, cognac & sage (!); apple pound cake with cheddar gelato (!!).

Plenty more where all that came from—plus, if you do it in a jiffy, you can enter to win a free meal. Yay!