Continued from yesterday’s plucked post. Can she cover beef, pork, veg & dessert for a total of 25 Best Dishes of the Year, before sundown tomorrow, folks? Stay tuned to find out.

Sadly, one is unpictured:
Izakaya Amu’s salmon sashimi in a yolk-based sauce. Revelatory.

Fish charcuterie from Wild Catch—RIP-ish

Pizzeria Locale’s insalata ai frutti di mare (right)

The Red Claw’s frog-leg curry (OK, not fish, only arguably seafood, but close enough—which makes The Red Claw 2 for 2, by the by)

Uni risotto at OTOTO Food and Wine

Trillium’s fried smelts (OK, that’s 6, but The Red Claw’s entry is arguable, so close enough—which means Trillium’s also 2 for 2, by the by)