If I don’t snarf something in Chile that can wallop a biscuit before Sunday, I’ll have done something horribly, terribly wrong. That said, Dish of the Week awards go strictly to stateside eats—& as such, the buttermilk biscuit at Dot’s Diner on Broadway in Boulder is way worthy.

With its scuffed wooden booths, recycled artwork & doowop soundtrack, Dot’s resembles a retro hybrid of urban greasy spoon & crunchy health-food hang.

The menu’s fairly basic—omelets & pancakes, Mex classics & a smattering of sandwiches—& the cooking, from what I sampled, is mostly pretty utilitarian.


The Director’s half-order of huevos rancheros on a whole wheat tortilla was simplicity itself—a good thing in my libro—but the green chile didn’t particularly distinguish itself beneath its blanket of cheese & refritos.

My Greek scramble with tomatoes, spinach, black olives & feta was likewise just okay, a little light on the mix-ins—eggs being for me just a vehicle for cheese.

But the thin sliced potatoes were great, peppery & orange-tinged with the charming grease of 1000s of spuds before them. And the biscuit? Just look at it! Nubby & crunchy on the surface, its interior was spot-on—not too cakey, not too bready, & unusually, clearly suffused with the flavor of buttermilk, not just butter.

I’m hardly the 1st to fall for their awesomeness; Bon Appétit printed the recipe by request some years back—so if hippies give you hives you can skip the trip & make your own.

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