***Part of a semiregular series about my findings at the Margaret Husted Culinary Collection—a remarkable, undersung cookbook archive whose 1000s of specimens run the gamut from serious historical finds to quirky treats like this.***

It’s these little Cold War–era, checkout-aisle throwaway promos that are the meat of the Husted—crammed shelves upon shelves of them, each as goofy, perverse & or chilling as the last. You know—what Candyboots said.

Good Housekeeping’s Appetizer Book & Entertaining for Six or Eight exemplify the genre.

GHappbook E68

It was all about the fondue, the skewers, the peach melba & the…Campbell’s & Eggo mushroom soup waffles with pickled peppers? What the hell are those things on the right? Well, whatever it was about, it was for the swingers—

the sloshed hostesses making obscene gestures as their husbands fumed, arms crossed, above phrases like “Other Quickies” & “Stuffed Nuts”;

the randy teens feigning wholesomeness with varsity sweaters & accordions;


the constant double entendres (or so they ring in my ear) & faux-haute misdeeds


& downright food antiporn, featuring the apparent likes of deformed melting testicles (parsleyed, of course).


God bless taste-free space-age America!