Whether it’s better than pizza in a cup’s debatable, but the can o’ haggis ($8)


I snapped up today at Urban Pantry—& by the way, please support this rare little gem on Antique Row in any way you can; Denver’s not exactly glutted with tip-top gourmet shops—is surely the best of its kind, not that I have anything to compare it to. After all, it’s

UPhaggis2, namely

UPhaggis3, which,

all mixed together, look like


& taste like, oh, like they look like they’d taste. To borrow a phrase from the Director (not to be confused with the Dictator), shit went awry when I took a bite & promptly recalled I’m still in the early stages of liver appreciation, such that hardcore preparations involving heart & oats (not to be confused with

476747 )

are probably bound to impede the progress I’ve made with pâtés & such.

Nevertheless, haggis buffs should be giddy. Granted, since Boulder’s Scotch Corner Pub (to which I’ve not been, myself, though a recent Post review suggests it may have improved since CulinaryColorado’s Claire Walter visited a couple of months ago) serves not only haggis but haggis freakin’ nachos (hey, how about haggis risotto, since the latter’s on the menu too? That’d be sweet), there are gobs of giddiness to go around.