As the life cycle goes, so goes the pizza wheel. With the sad passing of the great old red sauce parlor Gennaro’s comes news of the birth of a new joint just down Broadway: The Rebellion.

To quote the blurb on the delivery menu we just received, the “revolution against…overpriced food made from mediocre ingredients” at “restaurants that only care about the bottom line” rather than “healthy options or social or environmental awareness” is being fought with largely organic “premium ingredients.” So if the street starts running red, rest assured it’s just tomato.


Cf. The Uprising of Hot Dogs & Sausages, Sergey Tyukanov

Judging by the topping options—from ground buffalo, 2 types of bacon & 3 types of olives to Tofurky sausage & Boca burger crumbles—I’m not averse to signing up to fight for their cause. Especially since my duties would presumably just entail eating pizza & maybe some cheese bread with marinara or oven-baked fries with ranch dressing or cinnamon sticks with frosting or any combination thereof, & also since the likewise nearby Pasquini’s misses as often as it hits—be it a white (parm & mozz) pizza with great bubbling brown flavor & plenty of chopped chicken but overly chewy crust (less would’ve gone further)


or stale, warmed-over breadsticks.


Review, in short, to come.